Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz comprehensive school is located in the North of Duisburg. Duisburg is quite a big city in North-Rhine-Westfalia, 20km away from Düsseldorf. Duisburg has about 500.000 inhabitants and consists of seven boroughs. Two important rivers run through Duisburg: the Rhine and Ruhr.
Our school is a secondary school of about 1400 students and 140 teachers and is divided into three departments. At our comprehensive school students can reach all kinds of degrees.
Our school is experienced in various fields, such as
– „MINT“ (certificate for special education in Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Science and Technical Studies)
– „Schule der Zukunft“ (certificate for education and environmental protection)
– teaching refugee classes for more than 10 years
– extracurricular activities: clubs and project weeks (gardening, dancing, crafting, bouldering, football, tennis, table tennis, drama and many more)
Our students and school staff is a melting pot of various nationalities, religions and social backgrounds.
Erasmus+ is part of our extracurricular activities and students can choose to take two extra lessons that are peached in English in their 9th and 10th grade. Those students will take part in the project. Their age is between 13-16.

German School:

Legal name: Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Gesamtschule
Address: Hamborner Straße 274-278
Country: Germany
Post Code: 47166

Telephone: +492032835522
Fax: +492032835401