Primary School no 41 is located in Bydgoszcz , in the province of kujawsko-pomorskie . The current number of students is 430, attended by 40 teachers, 1 educational counselor and pedagogic and 8 non-teaching staff members . It teaches students aged 6-16. The main school strategy is to rise creative and conscious citizens of Europe. Within the strategic objectives it includes the full development of our students in digital competence and linguistic competence in foreign languages , as well as knowledge and respect for other cultures and countries from direct experience. The community we work with is rather industrial but many of our students are worse situated. Some of them have economical problems. Our work is tightly connected with the parents and local community engagement. School has already got great experience in working with ICTs and innovative technologies. It has perfectly prepared ICT classroom and modern technologies. Teachers would like to share their ideas and get some more clues of working with students using innovative technologies and as a very creative staff are still looking for other new and interesting ideas of working with teenage students. Moreover, participating in previous Erasmus plus projects opened students on using English language not only in an English classroom but also in other fields of education and communication. Being a part of the project will help school in achieving most important for the European Development Plan goals: – Use the CLIL methodology – Get a wide range of new ideas to implement them in the classroom. – Improve language skills applied in the classroom . – Acquire a suitable language for classes. – Get in touch with the educational reality in other European countries . – Exchange ideas and experiences with teachers from different European countries. – Know directly the culture of the participating countries in this project to convey to students a realistic view of everyday daily life. Key people being in chargé of the project in the school are two teachers of English Ms Anna Smeja-Robak and Ms Joanna Gralak. They are engaged in the project since it first phase and are very experienced in working with ICTs . They both graduated from Icts courses in Edinburgh and participated in Erasmus+ KA1 based on introducing innovative technologies in an English classroom. Moreover, Ms Joanna Gralak was key person on coordinating all of the other Erasmus + project in the school, as a partner and coordinator. If this persons will their post in the future this role will be taken by other English teachers, after consulting this case with the headmaster of the school. Experience that can be contributed to other school while the project duration is: Use the CLIL methodology,get a wide range of new ideas to implement them in the classroom, get in touch with the educational reality in other European countries , Involve intercultural elements of integrating students from different countries into School Plan.

Polish School:                                                            

Legal name: Szkola Podstawowa nr 41                      
Address: Traugutta 12
Country: Poland
Post Code: 85-122
City: Bydgoszcz
Website: www.sp41.bydgoszcz.pl
Telephone: +48523730554
Fax: +48523730554