We are a group off schools, with 350 students from 3 to 15 years. The head office is located in Avis. Is a touristic and historical village. It is in the center of Portugal, at about 140 km, 1,5 hour from the capital city (Lisboa). We have about 8% off ethnic students. We are in a save region, have excellent relation with the municipality and they support us with many things Most of the inhabitants run agricultural farms and touristic places. There are also poor families who have to use social benefits because they have low income. Like the other cities, and unfortunately, in this small society there are also families in which one of the parents is addicted to alcohol or sometimes mentally disabled We seek to provide our students with as many educational experiences as possible. In this way we try to motivate them to participate in various contests of artistic and scientific character. At the math level our students participate in the math Olympics and other local competitions in addition to the science club in which they participate The school is for boys and girls, and the students learn two foreign languages (English and Spanish). At home they use only Portuguese We have many sports groups from football, volleyball, rowing and we have sport adapted for children with motor difficulties At school teachers involve all students in a lot of performances, cultural events, trips, art exhibitions and sport competitions. As previously mentioned we have groups of women’s volleyball, men’s, football and rowing. We even have a rowing sports training center with federated students. We privilege the participation of our students and teachers in the most diverse sports and academic competitions in the area of science and letters. Our students are used to communicate with their teachers and others with the new technology. Our school has a internet and a facebook page, in which latest news and pictures and reports of school events are posted on a regular basis. This year we promote some formation about ITC for teachers and bowling for students. We are very motivated to participate in the project. We are a young and dynamic team and we want make the difference with our students Our vice-president the last 3 years is the principal in two Erasmus project but he is invited for the government to change the school and to be the vice-principal, now he want make the same in this new school.  For our school is the first Erasmus project  but whit the headmaster come more teachers with Erasmus experience We educate our students in order to become responsible European citizen and this project will be a great opportunity to help them in developing their personalities, to understand how important is knowledge, how to work together with other students from Europe We will also communicate with our European colleagues, improving foreign language, discovering new things about European culture and traditions and sharing experiences and knowledge about our own culture and life.

Portuguese School:

Legal name (national language) AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE AVIS
National ID (if applicable) 600082253
Address: Estrada Nacional 244   
Country: Portugal
P.O. Box 1
Post Code: 7480-115
City: Avis
Website http://agrupamentodeescolasdeavis.pt/
Telephone +351242410120
Fax +351242412885