The school Nuestra Señora de Lourdes is a cooperative institution of education located in Coin, in the South of Spain Our school has all the educative phases, from nursery, pre-primary, primary, secondary and bachillerato levels. We have around 800 students . We also integrate non-formal education and activites to promote the personal growth of our students and their improvement in key competences for their future. We have the necessary facilities in our centre such a school sports centre, modern and ITC adapted classrooms, etc.. We offer extra activities for students and or parents such as English specialized school and a music school We also have an integration class, speech therapist, physiotherapy, special education teacher, psychologist and rest of the educative staff specialist in each subject. Our school has been working for more than 40 years with staff specially focused on improving the communication between students, teachers and families. Furthermore, our school is integrated in our region working together with the Rural Development Group for the promotion of youth projects in the field of Eramus+ We are currently under a KA1 Erasmus+ programme for the training of educative staff and teachers. We also promote the international work with other schools in Europe, organizing school exchanges with France and UK every year. Our students use technology in the classroom: interactive whiteboards and tablets or smartphones for different activities. The staff working in our organization is highly motivated and with wide experience in the development and participation in projects multicultural environments in the field of Youth. We also have IT specialists very committed and with international experience and motivated to improve the ICT use in classroom . The European projects coordinator experienced erasmus mobilities since she was at university and has participated in Comenius and Erasmus+ programs as a teacher.

Spanish School: 


Country: Spain
Post Code: 29100
City: COIN
Telephone: +34952450374
Fax: +34952453266