The main focus of the mobility in Germany was to introduce the students to the techniques of short film making. The workshops in and outside our school were based on a very

practical approach with a concise theoretical introduction (based on the concept of Flipped classroom) and vivid follow-up activities.

At our school the coordinators worked together with interested teachers of art, languages and crafts, who were eager to share their expertise. We were also supported by the

headmaster,parents and our team of social workers.

Given the fact that our two Erasmus+classes at our schoolfrequently use iPads to create digital products, we designed a set of workshops at school, in whichthe students learnt

how to plan,shot and edit a short film. Our host students were experts in the usage of iMovie and they were able to help beginners.»

The subtopics of the films were all connected to our project’s title «Beyond Borders»,such as communication, intercultural friendships, travel,food, overcoming fear etc.»

The students also participated in film workshops guided by professional film makers at the Filmmuseum Dusseldorf.