Our last meeting was a ‘mobility online’ because of the harsh time of pandemic.

This time the tasks included recording podcasts about stereotypes, customs and about how other nationalities perceive us as the nation.Completely different, but also we had fun because we could see each other via ‘Ms teams’,talk online,even in groups, in such a way that we all know now from everyday school life. And this is how we prepared projects in mix-nationality groups.

It appeared that our work, even digital and quite distant can be enjoyable. After the first day of our recordings in national groups we were divided in mixed groups together with students from Poland, Portugal,Italy, Germany, Spain. The aim was to use the material created by us and to know each other better.

The podcasts that we recorded we wanted to use for creating  interesting and challenging games, which we for sure will use  in the classroom during the lessons about culture and customs. We all had a great fun discussing on the teams platform the details of the tasks mentioned above.

Furthermore,we all found out more about our partners, which is presented by means of mind maps in GoConqr.

On the third day of ‘our mobility’ we made research on the topic of linguistics. But the participants of this event didn’t know the main reason of our meeting, they had to discover it. They pushed the process of learning forward and had an impact on it.

At the same beginning the students watched two films recorded by Mrs Ada Bielawska,which were directly connected with the topic of the meeting.After scanning QR codes they could see the teacher wearing a jacket and officially inviting them to the classes. Then the participants shared their points of view and wrote them down on Microsoft Whiteboard. The second recording was completely different as the teacher appeared as the teenager: a hoodie, a cap, using slang. After the next discussion we collected the slogans differentiating those two videos and being at the same time the base for further work: formal and informal language.

Moreover,to check if the students understood the main goal of the lesson,they could solve the Learning Apps exercises.